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Auto Remarketing Podcast Talks Digital Imaging With Black Widow

May 11, 2020
“This digital revolution has been kind of knocking at the door... for quite some time... the virus... kicked the door down.”
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Listen here: Auto Remarketing Podcast - Digital Imaging Crucial to Auto Auction Business

Joe Overby, from the Auto Remarketing Podcast, talks with vice president and co-founder of Black Widow Imaging, who explains the nature of Black Widow drive-thru technology, drawing parallels to an automated carwash. He also discusses how the pandemic has driven demand for such services in the auto auction business.

"This digital revolution has been kind of knocking at the door for quite some time... the virus and everything going on, it kicked the door down. And a lot of people weren't necessarily prepared for it. There was a lot of stuff being tested out there, but it really accelerated the need for this.”

"These progressive auctions are looking for ways to be able to maximize on the digital space, to be able to create those digital sales."