how it works

automated drive-thru imaging solution


drive up
Align driver's side tire with floor strip and drive forward into scanning area.


The system will automatically scan the work order QR code and take the pictures in seconds. Watch the mounted display for the Go sign to move forward.


Images are automatically uploaded to your website.

Captures 17 images/per vehicle in seconds

  • Move more total vehicles each week
  • Process more vehicles the day before and even minutes before
  • No ceiling to how many vehicles you can process
  • More cars accepted minutes before the sale = more revenue

Black Widow with 360º Interactive Interior System

  • Captures 17 exterior images
  • Captures an interactive 360º interior image
  • Requires driver to exit the vehicle to complete imaging
  • Entire process takes 30 seconds or less

install locations

Auction lane, existing photo studios, entry/exit gate, carport, outdoor installations, detail bay

start capturing more

Our team will evaluate your space with a site survey and customize the solution for your needs.

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